I Am Old Kris Kringle


Here we are again, a little more than halfway through the season and thrilled to death with the response. Since we began we've acquired fans as far away as Australia and as close as Woodland Hills, CA.

We now have a podcast at The Dark. We now have a little merch for sale and some REALLY interesting stuff coming up on that front.

So, like any good show, we now opt to take a break. Our egos are so swelled that we need to take them on vacations and buy them some jewelry and video games or they won't behave.

Okay. Not really. The truth is the holiday season snuck up on us and we just won't be able to keep the breakneck pace we've been at since this started without offending those we love and with whom we live. So, we break.

As these episodes are our gift to you, your gift to us could be to send people to the site for a look at what has gone before. This is a perfect time for new veiwers to jump on to see the archived episodes.

Part of the point of this is to inspire. The web is vast and strange and we thought there was room for something like THE DARK. The truth is there's not only room but hunger. So go make some of your own. It doesn't have to be scifi or noir or involve CGI but it also doesn't have to be porn or some rip of MTV'S JACKASS.

And no fan films. I have nothing against them. Hell, some of them are AMAZING. But we want to see YOU. Your ideas. Your execution. Not so we can do anything with them but because we want to be entertained as well.

GO. Dance, monkeys. Make something.

And don't be concerned that the site will be ignored. It won't. During the hiatus I will be posting stuff I find on the web that I think is cool and creative. Stuff by people who are out there doing it now and stuff from the past that inspired us to be the lunatics we are. What, you think people like us just APPEAR? Oh no. It's much more complex and sinister than that.

There are wheels within wheels, people. Over the holiday I'll show you some of the spokes.

So, thanks again for the support, folks, and Happy Holidays.

Seeya in January.


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