Wait. What's that up ahead?

Well, ladies and gents, after years of silence, it is my happy pleasure to report something new is coming. Something new and fun and, while it's not quite this, I promise you it will be dark.

As we get closer to launch I'll pop in with more details.

I know it's probably only crickets out there at this precise moment but, I have a feeling we'll all be back together soon.


Lights Out

It was always mostly an experiment, you know.

I, we, wanted to see what could be done with very little money, lots of elbow grease and talent. And two computers, an mpeg recorder and some factory batched editing software. It took some convincing to get the whole crew together, of course. People don't generally like to walk blindly into dark tunnels, even when their friend is leading them in.

It still bothers me that some of the others I invited declined to participate. No hard felings, guys, but, wow, it would have been great to see your episodes too. I'm just as much the audience for these things as I am the producer. I'm humbled and proud that the guys who came on for this chose to take a chance.

And that's the lesson, I suppose. If there is one.

None of us are wealthy. None of us have big Hollywood connections (certainly none that have aided in this endeavour). All of us hold down regular jobs, have to pay bills, maintain relationships with our wives or Significant Others. We all have so-called Real Lives, I guess is the point.

And yet.

We got you to come here and return here without the use of insane and violent "humor" or the use of naked sex puppets. We made something, you came to see it and, amazingly, you liked it enough to return (some of you again and again). Thanks for that.

So, while this phase of the experiment is done, the second, the larger more imprtant phase is only beginning. That's the part that involves you.

We all take our inspirations where we find them. Mine for this came from Mr. Serling and Mr. Hitchcock. But they also came from Spike Lee and John Sayles and Jim Henson and Octavia Butler. They came from Gene Rodenberry and Joss Whedon, David Eick and Ron Moore and a list of others too long to measure.

They came from the fact that the web is considerably more than a means of gambling away your college funds or drooling over somebody's silicone augmentation at 1.99 a pop. It's not just a place to buy and sell.

It is, both literally and virtually, a feild of dreams.

Sounds flowery, I know, but that can't be helped. This is the realm of the mind, not the senses, and we all could do with a little mental gymnastics, yes? A few more flights of blatant fantasy? Yeah we can. Of course we can.

I will be coming here periodically to provide updates on anything Dark related so, don't be a stranger. Door's always open for freinds.

So, here's the last motto I'd like to leave all you closet Jules Vernes and Tad Williamses. Something simple and plain from me to all of you.

Carpe Noctem, kids. Carpe freaking Noctem

Thanks for coming.

Lights out in 5....